Tuesday, September 27, 2016

VIDEO : MGA BATANG SHOPWISE Performing in the Stree Goes Viral


This video of these three talented kids has garnered more than a million hits and now closely approaching to two million on Facebook. Want to know the reason behind their instant fame? Better hit the play button now.

In Philippines, you can find talents wherever you go and sometimes discover it in the most unexpected scenario. Facebook user Nicolo Garcia was one of the many who got to discover talents lurking in the busy streets of the city.

In the video that he shared two days ago, little did he know that the three kids who just happened to spend their time together at a certain Shopwise branch in the country would brought a million of hits on Facebook. Of course, these kids aren’t just ordinaries. They’re blessed with talent which they could share in the world.

Since we are known as the singing and talent capital of the world, these kids are one of the lucky ones who gave this title for the country. Particularly, the talents of these kids are singing, rapping and beat boxing.

Although without shinny outfits and stage, the talent of these kids compensated these lacks. We aren’t sure if the song that they performed was originally composed by them, if so, then, they deserve much more applause and compliments.

The song that they sang reflected their life as children with big dreams who continue to fight to survive life.
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