Thursday, September 1, 2016

VIDEO: Father Puts His Only Daughter Inside Plastic Bag , His Reason Will Definitely Make You Cry


When mothers go the distance for the sake of their children, fathers go for an extra mile of effort to attend to the needs of their children, might not be applicable for everyone, but for most, fathers are responsible enough to know and sacrifice for the better welfare of their child. And this unbelievable story of a father and daughter will surely inspire anyone who would see them.

    This father caught on video, were seen putting her daughter—in complete school uniform—on a large plastic bag. He let his daughter put herself inside the bag as he carefully seals the plastic as her daughter goes in. The reason why? They will cross the raging river only to send her to school. Surely, by putting her on a bag, she will be safe and sound inside and completely dry as his father crosses the river. Regardless of the depth and the currents of the water, the father makes his extreme effort only to send her child to school. All this sacrifices is for the sake of his child to get a better future by having her acquire the education he could have not possibly attained.

    The father swam all the way to the other side, not minding the possible danger he might caught himself up with while carrying the bag containing her daughter inside. He had successfully carried her daughter to the other side, whilst now she can finally go to school.
While most of the people on the other side of the world is vastly affected with their petty, “first-world” problems such as not being able to drive their children to school because of lack of gasoline for the car; some were having trouble and were getting mad when they were not able to put their child on a school bus; and so and so. But just take a look at this man. His determination, strength, sacrifice and perseverance to send his child to school is priceless. And hopefully, she would achieve the things her father would have thought of, and that hopefully, some concerned, good-hearted citizens were able to send them donations to build a sturdy bridge or just a decent boat so the father would not need to cross and swim the river that might possibly cost his life anytime soon. Hopefully someone would take notice of this and be able to give something, whether big or small, and not just the “likes” on Facebook.

Source: Boompanot


  1. Dapat palagyan na yan ng gobyerno kahit foot bridge man lang.

  2. Marami akong napanuod na ganyan. Ganyan ba ang Pilipinas? Kinakain nalang ng mga kurakot na politiko ang imbes na pondo para sa pagpagawa mga mahahalagang proyekto tulad ng mga tulay?