Sunday, September 18, 2016

VIDEO : Dont You Know That Calamansi Water Can Help Cure A Lot Of Your Illness ?


Lemons are unbelievably expensive here in the Philippines, so a lot of Filipinos cannot simple afford to make the famously healthy drink, Lemon Water. But worry no more since we have found an alternative to make this which uses a rather cheap citrus fruit that can be easily found in local markets: Calamansi. Calamansi contains the same health benefits as of Lemons. Since they are both citrus fruits, they both share almost the same vitamin and nutrition compound that can be found in them.

So, without further ado, let’s recreate the lemon water using calamansi as an alternative. Here are the steps:
1.    Squeeze a single calamansi fruit on a glass of water. Mix well. Make sure not to include the seeds!
2.    This is optional, but you can also add honey to add flavor to your healthy drink. Honey is a more healthier sweetener than a regular table sugar since it is more organic and natural.
3.    Be sure not to throw away the pulp of the calamansi after you have squeezed them, we’ll further explain below why.

This Calamansi drink contains a lot of health benefits. It contains 100mg of Vitamin C which is essential to health to help prevent and relieve colds and cough. Vitamin C also helps on the healing process of wounds and thoroughly helps our overall resistance and immune system since it consists of anti-viral properties and antibiotics that can be found in Calamansi. It can also help lower the cholesterol level. If you’re on a diet as well, you can use this drink to your weight loss routine by drinking it before meals so you will already feel full and is likely to eat lesser.

Now, don’t throw away the remaining calamansi fruits after you have squeezed them! Because it can also help you achieve that smooth and fair skin. Simply rub the fruit on your skin to remove the impurities that cause the rough texture and darkening of the skin.


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