Wednesday, September 21, 2016

THROWBACK VIDEO : Jose Manalo Accidentally Falls Off The River


Just few hours ago, Live on the Tuesday episode of EAT BULAGA, funny guy Jose Manalo accidentally fell in the river during the KALYE SERYE segment.

Jose Manalo Hala Nahulog Video

After Liza Soberano's HALA NAHULOG LOG Video  and Kris Aquino's stage accident few years ago . Comedian Jose Manalo's Hala Nahulog version is now viral in the internet.
Jose Manalo again brightened up the day of Kalyeserye viewers as well as the “Eat Bula” hosts. Watch Jose Manalo as he falls off from an improvised boat straight into the water during this afternoon’s Kalyeserye episode.

Instantly, “Eat Bulaga” host Jose Manalo went viral after falling off the water while trying to look very bibo. In the video, Jose was trying to show-off some skills in crossing the waters of submerged village in Malabon. Little that he knew that it’s hard to balance the raft, he still tried in order to look cool in Bossing Vic’s eyes. Unfortunately, the worst happened – he fell from the water raft. Immediately, a resident came to the rescue and helped the “Eat Bulaga” host to rise from the water.

Professionally, Jose Manalo continued with the segment since it’s live. He rinsed himself in the nearest bathroom where he was filmed. Don’t worry because nothing private was revealed but just Jose Manalo’s very sport personality.
In no time, netizens were able to come out with “Hala, Nahulog” edition of Jose Manalo which turned the celebrity to be the recent victim of the craze. Actually, among all the “Hala, Nahulog” videos this one is our favourite and the most funniest.
When it comes to the hosts and the viewer’s reaction, like us they weren’t been able to hold the laughter including Bossing Vic Sotto.


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