Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Conjuring 2 Prank , Valak Scares Several People . Watch Funny Video


We’ve seen a lot of pranks of different genres online and we think this one is the best. Hit the play button, if you want to brighten up your day.

In this prank, the victims were invited to watch “The Conjuring 2” in a theatre. After the movie, one by one they are requested to have an interview in a room but before it took place, each of the victims was left alone to wait for the interviewer.

Little that the victims knew, the room where they asked to stay was set up to scare them out. The mirror in the room was installed to flash Valak when the victims come close to it. Of Course, all of them used the mirror until their worst nightmare came to reality.

After appearing in the mirror which actually freaked out the victims, Valak suddenly came out of nowhere similar to what happened in the movie. All of the victims tried to make their way out of the room. Luckily, the door was not locked because if it was, maybe a lot of victims would pass out.
As mentioned all the victims tried to escape the room but one person, the last victim, left an impression. Yes, he got scared when he saw Valak in the mirror and freaked out even more when Valak came to reality. Reflexes came to the rescue; the last victim immediately threw the empty mineral water towards the ‘ghost’ and hits the target bull’s eye!


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