Monday, September 26, 2016

Taxi Driver Cries Foul When He Caught His Wife and Bestfriend Cheated on Him


For the many, many times that a taxi driver is being reported to be hold-upping or raping passengers of their cab, this taxi driver’s story is different for he is crying and telling his heartbreaking story to his passenger who served as his shoulder to cry on.

The video is recorded by the passenger who was conversing with the taxi driver just like a normal conversation to break the ice. But then, the driver began telling stories about his life and current situation he was in. He said that he was left by his wife who cheated on him with his best friend. He said he was so devastated and he loved his wife so much that he did not see this coming. He said, while in tears, “Pag mahal mo, hindi mo sasaktan di ba? (If you love someone, you would not hurt him, right?)”. He sais he was so mad at them, he was so angry that he could not hold his pent-up emotion anymore. He wanted to hit his best friend that he said he even went to his place but his mother told him that her son wasn’t there. The passenger asked, “Kasal po ba kayo? (Are the both of you married?)”, and the poor driver said yes. They’ve been together for 18 years, was married in a church with his own hard-earned money (saying it wasn’t much but he worked hard for it), and had two, lovely children (eldest is 17, youngest is 14). He did not expect this because he said he believed that the holy vows done in church are unbreakable and inseparable, but turns out he was wrong. He also told the passenger he was crying all night that he could not even sleep because of the memory of her that haunts his dreams. But he accepts the fact that, “Kung ang girlfriend nga naaagaw eh, asawa pa kaya (Even a girlfriend can be taken away by someone from you, then a wife can also be the same).”

 He was crying even more when he said he did his best to keep his family intact because he came from a broken family. The passenger told him that soon, he will be able to move on. Someday, the tears will run dry and there would come a time that he will not care anymore. What’s important for now is that he focus on their children on making their lives better. It’s not as easy as it sounds like, but sooner or later, he will be able to move on with his own life.

The conversation ends when the passenger finally dropped off on her destination.


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