Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scary UFO in Malaysia Caught In Camera


Okay, so before we panic of the near-end phenomenons happening in the world right now; before we panic and scream gibberish sounds of terror of an alien space-form rummaging through the solar system, possibly coming from another galaxy, millions of light-years away, and invading through the “peace” declared by our “founding fathers” and scream “the end is near!”, let us talk about this unusual claim of sighting UFOs in Malaysia. Some witnesses claim that what they saw was an alleged flying saucer hovering atop the buildings and on the skies of Kuala Krai that has been video-taped by the locals living nearby. People were shocked and spooked by the “disc” hovering above them with flickering white lights on its rim. Observers said that the object were gliding above the earth before it zapped away but went turning around its axis as if taking a second look. Witnesses were more terrified when they saw a bright, white light streaming from the alleged space-saucer.

    UFO hunters claim that the video is legit, and most likely of extraterrestrial origin. A Malaysian blogger even testified and supported that claim that it is most likely true, saying: “There’s no doubt what you see in the video. Everybody who saw the ship was convinced by what it is. It is such a remote location that they hardly see airplanes there, definitely not spaceships. But there’s a big difference and anyone can tell the difference. Some people say that the clip has been edited and faked but it looks real. It’s clearly not a military aircraft or a commercial airliner.”

But some who had watched the video deeply argued that the video is obviously fake and evidently “photoshopped” [We don’t know if it was exactly the appropriate term to call the video, but we think that it was somehow edited on a video software like AfterEffects and such]. Just like any other UFO sightings that can be dated back to the early 60s to 90s up to present, like the ever-famous Roswell UFO crash. Some believed that the video is fabricated and edited so good that it looks almost real—except for the fact that the trees weren’t moving despite the fact that the “spaceship” is moving very close to the ground and to the buildings above. The UFO sighting in Malaysia went viral and controversial it was even reported on their local TV news.

So, what do you guys think of it? Watch the video to see for yourself.


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