Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ryan Bang is So SCARED of the Injection , His Reaction Will Make You Laugh


Bang-bang goes the injection to Ryan Bang, a korean actor and co-host of It’s Showtime!, who apparently went to a trip to the doctor to get an injection shot (blood test perhaps?). However, Ryan reacted hilariously when he was impatiently and scarily waiting for his turn. He often asks his companions, “Masakit ba? (Does it hurt?)”, and his mates would reply, “Wag ka malikot, pag malikot ka mababali yung karayom, pag nabali yan diretso ka sa operating room! (Don’t squirm or the needle will break, you’ll end up straight into the operating room!)”. He was wailing and shrieking when the needle pierces through his skin even if the nurse attendant was very tender and careful in giving him instructions and a bit of encouragement.

Ryan Bang was instructed not to look during the procedure wherein he kept on asking will it hurt so much or will it be really painful. He thought that the nurse was already done so he looked and to his horror, he saw his own blood and his wound pulsating and bleeding his blood does. He immediately look away and his agony was rather funny than pitiful that his comrades laughed and jested at him being a childish, scaredy-cat at that moment. Indeed, she was shrieking like a terrified girl and like a cry-baby all throughout the process. His friends joked on him even more that made him a tad bit more terrified.

Ryan was seen to be obviously nervous and scared like a child, like, the reaction was really genuine that he does not seem to fake that he is in great terror from the injection that it made him cold and his sweat go like little bits of rice crispies and he obviously cannot contain himself from the goosebumps he’s experiencing. But afterall, he survived nevertheless! Now a good doctor must hand over the little lollipop to this kid because he had been such a good boy indeed!


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