Friday, September 9, 2016

Real Life Story of Train To Busan, Zombie Appocalypse Spotted in China ?


While the possibilities of science has brought forth in the current century is exemplary, and the possibilities are almost limitless on creating a virus that would soon create the overall extermination of human beings in the world, the chances of having the zombie apocalypse is extremely not impossible and to say, the exposure in zombie films of Hollywood is simply undeniable to culture the fear on our very minds. And one absurd incident in China occurred thinking the apocalypse is already here.

    The hype is real on the new zombie film, “Train To Busan”, and actually, the incident is funny and absurd to be heard of. While the film is about a zombie on a train, the incident in China sparked a commotion when they have thought that the zombie apocalypse had begun when a man fainted on the train in Shanghai. Passengers thought that the man would turn into a zombie. Fearing for their lives to be “eaten” by their alleged “zombie”, passengers ran out of the train in panic soon as the train boarded the subway in Shanghai. Everyone ran out because of panic except for one man who was sitting inside the train—one who is brave enough to call the authorities and ask for immediate help for the man who fainted. The poor man was left lying on the floor unconscious. The people ran like hell out of the train as soon as possible, some even stumbled altogether on the seemingly stampede event. Glad the dude inside the train who was left was brave enough to stay and inform the authorities. The man who fainted fortunately woke up just in time when the authorities arrived.

    While we would never know what is the actual reason why the people ran out of the train after the man fainted, two things we can make sure and what we can learn from this incident: 1) THERE IS NO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE; and 2) NEVER FAINT WHILE ON TRAIN RIDE IN CHINA. Or else, you could have been mistaken for a zombie and be shut on quarantine (LOL!).

    So much for the zombie films. Thank you so much, Hollywood and ‘Train To Busan’ for injecting irrational fears on our minds.