Monday, September 12, 2016

PBB: Marco Confesses Feelings To Vivoree


Things are escalating too quickly inside the iconic house of Big Brother in terms of turning housemates into lovers. A number of previous PBB housemates ended up as loveteams on-screen, and some even ended up tying the knot (*cough-cough* MELASON!), and apparently, the matchmaking game inside the PBB house still doesn’t fail on its romantic antics among PBB housemates.

Recently, we would have heard about the brewing romance between housemates Heaven and Edward who were recently talked-over by Big Brother for them being clingy and touchy with each other. And recently, Marco and Vivoree has been writing down their own love story as Marco confessed his attraction towards her! Marco opened up to her, telling him how it all started when he had come out of the boy’s room and it was like he was just hit by a big yellow school bus when he saw Vivoree and he said that he was like, “What the hell?” and then it all started. He said that he just suddenly saw the beauty of Vivoree. He didn’t least expect that because he found Vivoree’s personality simply attractive and lovable. What he loved most about her is that she was this kind of girl who doesn’t have ‘arte’ or excessive vanity on her skin; her talents and the things she can do; and she was a sporty girl who is good-natured and sensible to talk with. All of these made him fall for her but he had reservations about it for the fact that he has been hurt on his past relationship and apparently, he was not yet sure of entering a new relationship. He wants to know Vivoree better first, and when the tides are in favor for them to be in a relationship, he would have been happy for her to be that girl. And after all of that, they looked up into each other and laughed when Marco said that “it would be better if she would say something.”

However, Vivoree seemingly turned Marco down but she talked sense with it. She said that she is not sure about her feelings right now because if ever they would be back again on the outside world, things would not be the same as who they were inside the house. Life is different between the two worlds and so are they to each other. Vivoree was right, the feelings would just be there as long as they were seeing each other inside the house. But still, they can be spotted being really close and sometimes sweet inside the house. So what is this? Status: IT’S COMPLICATED?

Follow how this teenage matchmaking show would turn out between Marco and Vivoree by watching Pinoy Big Brother in ABS-CBN.


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