Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Halloween is just around the corner. With the start of the season, ghost stories as well as encounters start to cycle on our timeline just like this one. Watch the encounter of a family as ghost gives its very creepy response.

A video of a family that probably on a gathering in their home trends online because someone or something has joined with them to celebrate the occasion. The video opened up immediately on the scene when the members of the family started to encounter an entity in their house.

The one who was holding the camera was called to document the encounter. All of them gathered near the kitchen to show the videographer what creepiness they’ve experienced. There was no ghost caught on the film but what made it frightening was the ghost response using a drawer.

We all know that most ghosts won’t talk especially when there’s camera. Frequently, they use a medium to express what they want to say and for this case, the ghost made use of the drawer.

One member courageously went to the drawer to open it followed by another member. The drawer didn’t move violently until the family started to panicked. The drawer fully opened all by itself and then started to continuously move as if someone is pushing and pulling it in fast pace.

Unfortunately, the video ended there and no further explanation or confirmation whether the encounter was real or not.


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