Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"MULTO SA UV EXPRESS " Girl Shared Her Scary Encounter


With the incompetent mass transportation in the country, many Filipinos choose to pay a little bit extra to air-conditioned public vehicles for the sake of better comfort but would you still ride these form of transportation, if you encounter something spooky during your travel?

Yesterday, the story of entitled UV Express brought chills to the netizens that used to take the same ride everyday. The scary encounter happened in Quezon City while Alexis was taking a UV Express ride. According to the sender, her past experience was the reason why it took some time for her to ride a UV Express again.

During her travel, a lot of creepy scenarios happened. There were times that the UV Express radio and light went malfunctioned but the driver assured Alexis that there’s no need to be worried about yet the driver have gone very pale because he could also feel that something was not right. Later, the female passenger at the back paid for her fare, the male passenger playing COC reached for it and then passed the bills to Alexis. Alexis noticed two women at the back seating at peace on their seat. She felt quite puzzled why the female passenger didn’t pass her money to one of the ladies since they sat closer to her.

When Alexis was about to return the change to the female passenger, she froze when the two ladies vanished without a trace. What scared her more was that the driver and the female passenger didn’t see anyone taking the seat at the back except for the female passenger. On the other hand, the male passenger playing COC also saw what Alexis was claiming.

Do you think the story just ended there?


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