Saturday, September 3, 2016

Model Gets A Nose Job For 500 Pesos, The Result is Horrifying


It is now easy to alter the “imperfections” on our faces with just a hefty fortune away and we’d get the “perfection” that we perceive as right since the science and medical improvements now on this current era are extravagantly well done. However, people should be cautious about the dangers plastic surgeries impose on our bodies—especially if it is done “unprofessionally” and unbelievably cheap like 500 pesos for a nose job. And if you’re looking for a budget-meal nose job, better think twice if it’s incredibly cheap as 500 pesos so as not to end up like this man who was baited with this cheap thrill.

    A man reported recently that he had done a nose job supposedly for only as low as 500 pesos, more or less ten bucks. Hoping to get a boom in the modeling industry which he actually achieved after getting his nose done which was actually good-looking at first but later on, the nightmare began.

    His co-worker noticed the absurd changes on the appearance of his nose. He told the man that his nose seems to be crooked. Later on, he noticed as well his nose really is crooked and it began to manifest redness and swelling after a couple of months which by then he decided to seek a medical attention now to the professionally-registered doctors.

    The doctors have told him a more horrifying report on the issue about this nose after they had fixed them. They have told him that instead of injecting collagen on his nose upon the surgery, the alleged “surgeon” who have done his nose job injected a shocking mixture of wax [the one used for candles], petroleum jelly, and sealant [the one used for carpentry].

    The man has now filed charges on the gay/transgender, Euge Edward Undangan a.k.a. “Kasheca Magallanes”, who had done this to him and is now issued a warrant of arrest. The suspect is now being tracked to pay his dues.

    He is now hoping that the doctors would be able to fix his nose as the way it looks like is extremely depressing.


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