Sunday, September 4, 2016

Liza Soberano Shows Why She Was Called " ARIANNA GRANDE NG PILIPINAS "


On their previous sold-out concert, Dolce Amore #ChooseLove Concert, Liza Soberano performs the most-requested song by her fans, “Problem” by Arianna Grande. Liza was able to unleash her inner Ari on their concert covered by PEP.

    With her grunge-diva fashion of ripped-denim jacket and studded-black shorts, Liza belted out the high notes and danced onto the beat of the song “Problem”. The high-note belting is something we did not see coming! Liza was one heck of diva and performer for she nailed the performance so great that she actually captured the audience with her dancing skills and a voice that is so-Arianna Grande! We almost could have mistaken her for the real Arianna!

    While some viewers claimed that she was lip-syncing the song, apparently it was her own actual voice to have been pre-recorded because, duh, imagine having to sing live while dancing and performing at the same time. Could it have been very difficult for a human being, right? Of course we have noticed that as well but it could be her own voice still that is singing the song. And besides, she has got some awesome dancing skills to showcase. And with her wit and charm and a good-heart for her fans and her passion to perform for them, Liza is simply one gorgeous queen on the night of their concert.

    Liza performing Arianna was hell of an amazing performance, and not to mention, she had rapped the part where Ari was actually rapping on her song and by god she had surprisingly did it very well. Viewers and fans gathered up altogether and commented the young actress. Truly Liza has got it all. The looks, the beauty, the charm, the talent and the wit to be able to captivate the world with her awesomeness and not to mention, she had also held captive the adoration of international male stars and performers alongside with her leading man, Enrique Gil.


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