Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kim Domingo Facebook Live Karaoke Session Goes Super S3Xy, Reaches 1 Million Views


The new “Pantasya Ng Bayan” Kim Domingo made everyone’s day by going live on Facebook as she spends her time in Karaoke.

Dressed in cute floral outfit, Kim Domingo chose to spend a little of her spare time in a Karaoke bar to sing her favourite Karaoke songs with her friends and fans who tuned in Facebook. The Facebook live coverage lasted for 24 minutes showcasing the natural side of the budding actress.

The live coverage started flashing Kim’s asset as she was maneuvering the remote control of the Karaoke to play the song that she wanted to sing which is Nelly Furtado’s  “I’m Like a Bird”.

Adorably, the “Juan Happy Love Story” star honestly admitted that she didn’t know how to use the IPad-like remote control of the Karaoke and asked the help of her company to set up the song for her.
When the song started, the excitement escalated not only in the Karaoke room but also on Facebook. Kim incurred few errors on her first try and later decided to start over the song again. The fans of course supported her by dropping some encouragements on the live comment section.

Other than having a great time in the Karaoke room, Kim also made time greeting the fans who dropped their comments in the live comment section while making cute faces on cam.
Before the live coverage ends, the phone that Kim was using almost turned empty battery fortunately, she was able to borrow a charger from the Karaoke bar staffs.


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