Friday, September 2, 2016

Kim Chiu Tries Deadly Sling SHot Ride In New York , Her Reaction Is Priceless


The Chinita Princess, Kim Chiu, is back once again on her trip in New York lately, and she’s surely enjoying her stay there when she recorded herself while riding the famous ride in New York, “The Slingshot” ride.

    The hit song, “Mr. Right” singer recorded herself riding the famous ride using her GoPro camera. Kim Chiu was seen with a newfound friend screaming their hearts out on the ride. The Slingshot ride is an attraction on this certain amusement park where the riders are secured on a capsule-like seat, secured with shoulder stoppers that are like those on found on rollercoasters. The singer/actress has been seen waiting for the ride to start, with their faces calm and chill but when the ride has been literally ‘slingshotted’ and thrown up in the air! They almost puked their hearts and lungs out of thrill and of supposed fear they have experienced on the ride. But apparently, the two obviously enjoyed the thrill brought to them by the slingshot. She posted the video and pictures later that night on her Twitter account with a caption:  “before i sleep.. ill share with you another picture with another NFF!!!! Waahhahahah [insert emoticon here] nakakatawa to!!! #slingshot”.

    Kim Chiu posted a picture prior to her slingshot ride wherein she rode the rollercoaster all by herself—LITERALLY! Yes, the star rode literally all alone without anyone else riding the coaster, note that she bravely rode the front seat of the ride! Atta Girl! She congratulated herself on a caption on the photo she uploaded on her Twitter and IG account giving herself an imaginary tap on the back! But for the second time, she rode the rollercoaster once again but now, together with her newfound friends. Next time Kim, call us to be your rollercoaster-ride buddy!

    But speaking of “buddy” in here, why is Xian Lim not in the picture? Where could he possibly be and could he be not with Kim on her New York escapade?


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