Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KathNiel Does the Pak Ganern Challenge With A Twist


    After the blockbuster movie, ‘Barcelona: A Love Untold’, that has garnered for over a million sales for their premiere and on their first week, phenomenal love-team KathNiel, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, is back on track for another press conference after their movie success.

    While being interviewed by the press, they were challenged as well like any other stars to do the ‘PAK GANERN’ challenge but with a twist! Instead of playing the usual clap-and-sway game, they would play it like the clap-and-‘beso-beso’ game or more like clapping and having their cheeks touch each other. The love-team-slash-couple were puzzled on how they would play the game but eventually, they began doing it. Daniel even requested for the crowd inside the studio to come and sing with them as he and Kathryn plays. They look really cute and adorable as usual, whether off-screen or on-screen, they look really cute together especially when Kathryn commits mistake everytime they would have to make ‘beso-beso’ with each other during the ‘ganern’ part of the game. The crowd usually jeers and teases the two everytime they would do the ‘ganern’ portion.

    Their new movie is still up and showing on cinemas nationwide. Barcelona was said to be a breakthrough movie for the two, claiming that the roles they have porrayed here are more mature than the previous films they have starred on simply because they are individuals now who are more mature and has grown more on honing their craft. It was also on this movie where they were rumored they kissed onscreen for the first time. Talked about fans who are everly waiting for the moment to see KathNiel do their first ever kiss on-screen, imagine how fans and followers of the loveteam might have died of kilig while watching Barcelona. This really is a movie to watch our for, as this was directed by the premiered directress, Olivia Lamasan.


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