Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jessy Mendiola Flaunts S3Xyness in FHM Behind The Scene Photoshoot Video


Jessy Mendiola graces the cover of the September 2016 issue for the first time as the s3xi3st woman in the Philippines. Watch the behind the scene of the photo shoot and prepare to fall in love more with Jessy Mendiola.

Yesterday, the F H M facebook page released a compilation of some of the behind the scene clips taken during Jessy Mendiola’s shoot. The caption read, “The Finest in the Land is ready to shed her inhibitions, engage rabid naysayers, and conquer national consciousness."

Unlike the other s3xy pictorials, the photoshoot of Jessy Mendiola centered on not showing too much skin but her voluptuous curves. In the clips, Jessy Mediola can be seen wearing black tuxedo, loose shirt and a one-piece swimsuit. We can say that she did really redefine the concept of being s3xy not by showing too much skin but by just being confident with yourself no matter what your size is.
The shoot took place in a huge unfurnished studio with a very minimalist yet chic theme. Catch more of these by grabbing this month’s issue of  F H M.

After bringing home the F H M title, Jessy Mendiola became controversial because of some issues connecting to the F H M victory party including the misinterpreted speech slamming Miss Universe Pia Wurtzback and her unflaterring shots taken by the audience. Despite these, Mediola remained strong from all the everyday bashes and now proving everyone that “Strong is the new s3Xy”.


  1. Did you know she's not only hot but also a very talented yet underrated woman from the Philippines. As i read from procustomwriting website, she was the first filipina to be awarded in South Korea as Best Asia Pacific Star. Now tell that ain't something.