Friday, September 23, 2016

"Jake Ejercito is the Father of Andi Eigenmann's Daughter " Said By Maz Eigenmann


Andi Eigenmann, known for her iconic role, “Agua Bendita”, has lived a rather controversial life althroughout her showbiz career in the industry. Controversies that she went on was that she was wasted at all times, partying ‘till sunrise and that all the numerous ex-boyfriends she had in showbiz.

And for all we know that the biggest issue she has been on was when she got pregnant at an early age and gave birth to a lovely baby girl, Ellie (short for Gabrielle). Andi did not specifically named the father of her child but rumors have spread that her past ex-boyfriend, Albie Casiño was the one who fathered her child, but Max Eigenmann, half-sister of Andi, has dropped a huge gossip bomb that scooped the entirety of news in social media. What could have Max said that put the gossip world in shock?

Featured on an article in Cosmopolitan Philippines, Max Eigenmann had recently made a radio guesting on the ever-controversial radio show, Good Times With Mo Twister, she confirmed that the father of her niece is no other than Andi’s on-off boyfriend, Jake Ejercito. Apparently, it shook what we all know regarding the issue that Albie Casiño was the closest known “suspect” for Andi’s daughter, but Max shook it all off. It was without knowledge that Jake was the father of Elle, and that is why he posts quite a lot of picture of him with Elle on his Instagram account. Max, says, “Yes, he is [the biological father]. They did a test. Yeah, he’s the dad. He’s the dad. They’re co-parenting. That’s why he always posts photos of my niece.”. Mo Twister had mentioned that he favored both of them as a couple, and Max agrees the same way. Apparently, not only does Jake stand as a father-figure to Elle, but in fact he was her dad as well.

Andi and Jake has not given a statement, however, as a confirmation regarding this matter.


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