Monday, September 26, 2016

Giant Anaconda Caught in Brazil . Is That The Biggest Snake In the World ?


10 meters 33 feet long Anaconda was discovered in a dam construction site by construction workers in northern Brazil.

It was reported that the gigantic snake showed up after an on-site explosion in a cave in Altamira, ParĂ¡ for the construction of hydroelectric dam complex which set to be the fourth largest dam in the world.

In the photo, the anaconda was chained and lifted by a crane. There were no reports whether the huge reptile was caught alive or was dead due to the on-site explosion and no further reports published determining the specific specie of the gigantic snake.

A worker also uploaded a video showing how big and long the snake was. The caught anaconda has dark scales on the upper half of its body while the lower half was yellowish in color. At the end of the video, the snake head filled the entire frame and by observing it, it seemed that the giant reptile has no life already.

The photo and the video of the captured anaconda instantly went viral. On the other hand, many netizens felt disappointed with how the snake was being captured and left as it is just for the sake of taking good shots of it for the world to see.

The enormous creature approximately weighed 400kg and a meter wide. It was believed that this snake can break the current record of the longest anaconda caught which measured 25 feet and 2 inches long.


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