Monday, September 5, 2016

FUNNY VIDEO: Zoren Legaspi Shares The Story Behind His First Kiss With Wife Carmina Villaruel


The last night’s episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” was so jampacked laughter, kilig and revelations. Thanks to the uncommon side of Zoren Legaspi who almost made the show his own by revealing a lot about his relationship with real life partner Carmina Villaroel.

It seemed that one-night episode wasn’t enough last night since everybody had a great time including host Vice Ganda listening to Zoren Legasapi whom he expected to be a man of few words. During the episode, Zoren Legaspi revealed a lot of things about his relationship with Carmina Villaroel complete with big gestures as his wife described.

One of the particular stories that the actor-director shared was the story behind his first kiss with Carmina. According to Zoren, he’s a kind of man who doesn’t court his prospect because he believes that once he kissed the girl that he likes that girl would fall instantly to him which was proven right.
Believe it or not, the first kiss happened when Zoren and Carmina weren’t even close yet and just few days after they’ve known they’re neighbours. Zoren revealed that the moment took place inside Carmina’s house after he handed over the make-up set Carmina was requesting to buy in Japan.
Before he left, he instantly kissed Carmina right on her lips which left the actress to fall on her knees because of surprise.

Actually, Carmina was still in shocked as she was listening to Zoren’s story last night because she couldn’t remember even a second about that funny moment.

                            Watch Zoren and Carmina's first kiss story  here
                             Watch Zoren and Carmina's first kiss story  here


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