Friday, September 30, 2016

Funny Video : Mahal Impersonates Senator Leila De Lima


Recently, there was a fuss on the Philippine politics regarding the political rivals, Duterte and De Lima on the alleged extra-judicial killings and “blackmailing” of the latter party. De Lima had stated on her privilege speech that the president, and his allies, are putting her into tough situation and wild currents for her to “admit” that she is involved on the widespread, insoluble, problems regarding illegal drugs. De Lima bursts out in tears of too much anger as she stated her stand and drama against the president’s political campaign and the “panggigipit” that has been claimed being done to her. The news caught the attention of the public and some would not let it pass—including the midget comedienne, Mahal.

Mahal, while in Singapore, apparently drunk and partying all night with her friends, spoofed the ex-Chief Justice’s privilege speech and “drama” by impersonating it and adding some gag into it. Mahal was recorded impersonating the way De Lima raged during the conference, which the comedienne added a very funny way of delivery when she said: “SIGE! ILABAS NYO VIDEO KO! SIGE! TAHIMIK NA NG BUHAY KO GINUGULO NYO! SIGE, PUNTAHAN NYO KO NGAYON AT IKULONG NYO! PUNTAHAN NYO AKO NGAYON NA AGAD, DITO SA SINGAPORE!” Mahal said in the tone and way of De Lima’s delivery. The comedienne confidently had herself recorded by her friends when she spoofed the Chief Justice’s political sympathy stunt, adding some funny facial expressions and wild hand gestures as she completely emphasized the alleged “sex video” by De Lima, which will be presented and being pushed to be played during the senate conference against De Lima. Mahal had a very funny, satirical way of the sarcasm she intend to show as she impersonated the former Chief Justice, which has been voted out by the people in the government. Regardless of the crime and seriousness of the issue, Mahal still found a way to put a smile on our faces as she added a funny way for people to be not consumed by the heavy burdens that are happening in our country.

Mahal was known to have a lot of videos circulating online, spoofing famous trends and issues that are timely and well-relatable by everybody in the country. Out of all the many videos, this might be one of the best picks out there.


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