Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Few Months After Bashing Duterte , Mystica Cries For Help "PARANG AWA NYO NA WALA KAMI MATUTULUYAN "


Remember the days when the singer  Mystica posted a rant in Facebook against our President Rodrigo Duterte ? Well, for the second time araound, the infamous singer posted a video again in her FB account. But unlike the first , Her video is posted for a different reason.

According to the Mystica's 2nd video, the singer lost her job after her rant video against President Duterte went viral last April 2016.

Now ! Mystica is asking for any help for the medication of her throat in which if left untreated may lead to cancer. She also seeks help for contribution to pay for her apartment's monthly rent and downpayment.


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