Thursday, September 8, 2016

Feeling Scammed For 5 Pesos, Customer Throws Coupon At Cashier " WALA KANG KWENTANG CREW !"


The guy who was supposedly be enjoying a discount coupon for his meal at Chowking went into an awful nightmare after he threw a tantrum, saying that he was “scammed” by Chowking when he was asked by the cashier for an additional 5 pesos.

    The guy, A. Mallari, posted in social media where he was so mad about Chowking for asking an additional five pesos for his discount coupon. According to him, he went to Chowking to claim his discount coupon, entitling him for 1 chicken meal with small halo-halo, and regular drinks (soda) for only 137 pesos. The store have told him that they have ran out of soda, making him choose between pineapple juice and iced tea—he chose the latter, and that is where the “beastmode” incident began.

    The cashier punched the order and cancelled it because he would have to add 5 pesos to claim his meal. A. Mallari got so mad that he said that he had availed the coupon so he can get a discount and turns out that he had to add 5 pesos for his meal. The cashier explained that the coupon is valid as a bundle only and that includes the soda, which is the only drink that can be availed inclusively for the promo coupon, not iced tea. The guy got so mad that he felt “cheated” on the price for having to add a few coins to his meal, saying that he should have gotten the drink for free and that it is not his fault that the branch ran out of soda. Upon explaining this to the customer, the cashier got humiliated by the guy [A. Mallari] by telling the cashier that she is a worthless crew and threw the coupon onto her face then left the branch.

    Later on, upon hoping he would get the sympathy of the public for the incident, he got bashed in social media after he had posted the incident in Chowking, making him an instant celebrity and laughingstock in social media.

    While the management of Chowking indeed had lapses on their promotional coupons, social media users believed that the crew did not deserve the cruel treatment of the customer on the said incident since she was just doing her job. Instead of shaming the crew in social media, he ended up shaming himself and making this incident reflect his true colors and ill manners.


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