Monday, September 5, 2016

F4 Reunited in Ken Chu's Wedding. Sings Meteor Garden Themesong Together Again


This weekend, Ken Chu’s wedding slightly became a mini reunion for the F4 members who the fans meet for many years. Watch and feel young again as they sang the “Meteor Garden” OST entitled “Mua Sao Bang”.

Minus Vic Chou, F4 members Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu attended their F4 co-member wedding ceremony Ken Chu and Chinese actress Han Wenwen in Bali, Indonesia on September 3 (Saturday). Yan and Wu arrived ahead of the ceremony which greatly surprised the guest.

Yan and Wu including the groom Chu seemed not to age over years of being not so active in the limelight. Still, they looked dashing and manly especially Ken Chu in his perfectly tailored suit while Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu maintained their cool image and lean physique wearing almost halfly unbuttoned polo shirts.

After the wedding ceremony, the reception became a mini concert for the three F4 members. In this video shared by Ken Chu on Facebook, the F4 members took the opportunity to give everyone a throwback by singing one of “Meteor Garden” OSTs “Mua Sao Bang”. The crowd sang with them as F4 took the lead.

On the other hand, fans felt quite sad for not seeing Vic Chou in the event because it could have been better if the F4 was complete during the event.

Among the F4 members, Jerry Yan is the only unmarried. Vic Chou married his long time girlfriend Reen Yu last year while Vanness Wu tied the knot in 2013.


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