Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ellen Adarna Rushed To the Hospital After Almost Losing Her Finger


Ellen was rushed to the hospital on Sunday because of a ring stuck on her index finger! She was threatened by the fact that she might actually lose her finger because of the ring being stuck on it, and she even captioned her photo: “I am not losing this finger!” and even joked about that “it was a failed proposal!” The doctors were alarmed by the ring and joked to Ellen that they would have to cut her finger off to remove the ring. Ellen was terrified but the doctors said that they would just have to cut the ring to save her poor, little finger.

    Ellen cries over the whole operation on the Emergency Room together with her boyfriend, Borja Martoz Gonzalbez who watches over the doctor as he cut through the ring on Ellen’s finger. The doctors have covered her finger with some kind of elastic material so as to protect her finger from being cut by the surgical shears. After having the ring removed, Ellen immediately took a photo of it and posted it on Instagram, saying: “Sunday adventure with . WTF #comedy. They had to cut the ring and saved my finger hahaha. bye. #ringentrapment #ER #dinnerdatereward for surviving and saving my index finger”. The couple apparently had a date after undergoing the terrible ring-entrapment experience!

    While some other Instagram users reacted on the post made by Ellen Adarna, as well as the video she posted as the ring is being removed, they say that the actress were such an “overreacting drama queen” and that the usual “soap method” can be used to remove it but still, the actress had to be taken to the ER just to remove such petty issue only. But some defended their idol by saying that when things are a bit swollen, the soap method could not work and since they knew Ellen by not being such a drama queen as others claim, she would not overreact by this kinds of things.
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