Monday, September 19, 2016

El Presidente " Rodrigo Duterte "DU30 " Animation . YOu Will Definitely Love This


This OST video of President Duterte as an anime instantly went viral in less than 24 hours. If you haven’t seen it yet, hit the play button and feel proud that you are a Filipino.

President Rodrigo Duterte has not only invaded the international news and just yesterday, animators released an anime for the honourable President entitled “El Presidente”.

The anime’s opening OST centered on the President Duterte’s journey before and after he was proclaimed the president of the Philippines. The anime opened showing President’s Duterte’s humble home in Davao. He was being interviewed by a reporter as he was seating comfortably on a chair wearing pambahay outfit in his house. That scene was probably the moment when he was still on the verge of deciding to run for presidency.

The next scene jumped to Duterte’s campaign period where almost all of his supporters wore a Philippine flag inspired ballers and carried placards with his name. He was also seen giving speech to the youths.

After the landslide win, the following scenes in the anime showed Duterte taking the centremost and highest seat in the Senate.  General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and Senator Allan Peter Cayetano had also a cameo in the anime.

The current administration’s campaign on drugs and rampant criminality in the country was also given some frames in the anime. Duterte riding in his motor carrying the Philippine flag symbolized that the administration under his leadership is on the process of eradicating all the problems face by our country.

Of Course, since Anime originated in Japan, the creators dedicated a scene where Duterte shook hands with the Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The anime culminated with a beautiful scenery depicting a Philippine flag.


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