Saturday, September 10, 2016

" DUTERTE SONG " Filipina Composed And Dedicated A Song For The Philippine President


The Philippines today has been undergoing a major change since the administration has been already handed over from Aquino to Duterte and indeed, the country has been facing a lot of issues in terms of the combat against the use of illegal drugs and crime in overall. Ever since, Duterte has been facing all the stones that is being thrown to him from his political rivals starting from the campaign for presidency up to his campaign against illegal drugs, that’s why a fellow Duterte supporter was inspired enough to compose a song dedicated for President “Digong” in the tune of the multi-awarded song written and sung by Freddie Aguilar called “Anak”.

    Melody Flores Martos, a Facebook user, was inspired to write the song by changing the lyrics of “Anak” into the way she wanted as a symbol of gratitude for Duterte and Gen. Dela Rosa’s works and advocacy to put an end on illegal drug use. Their projected plans to elevate the state of living in the country is what kept the patriotic heart of Melody to compose the song. The lyrics reflected the current issues and problems being faced by the country being resolved by the duo, and she even mentioned that now, she and other citizens of the Philippines now have the confidence to walk around the streets at night free from worry and fear of despicable elements roaming the streets at night because they have a president now who is brave enough to stand against them for the sake of the victims and the oppressed. She also sent her regards through the song for having the two “walk their talk” as they are not promises that has been nailed on a blank wall after winning the election. The two seems to mean business and she wished them that the Almighty would guide them on achieving their missions.

    “Nagsimula ko mag-compose noong eleksyon sa daming paninira sa kanya, nakapag-compose ako ng kanta tapos marami nag-share at nagkagusto kaya na-inspire akong ulit-ulitin hahahaha kaya ito’y alay pasasalamat ko po sayo tatay Duterte mabuhay ka po! (‘I started composing during the election when political rivals are heckling and trying to bring him down and because of that, I have managed to compose [a song] and then many people have shared and liked my composition that’s why I was even more inspired to do it over and over again hahahaha that’s why I offer this as a sign of ‘thank you’ tatay Duterte, long live and more power!)” she said on the caption of the video.

    Even though there are a lot of people who are criticizing the works of Duterte and even questioning his competence as the President of the Philippines, many people still support him through all his efforts to change the country for good.

The video has gained a whopping 635 likes and 645 shares!


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