Saturday, September 3, 2016

Davao City Night Market Bombing List Of Victims Names : PRAYFORDAVAO


Recent reports of bombing incidents are occurring and will possibly occur in the future in Davao City, Philippines. A picture or post was circulating on Facebook consisting 23 names on list, including more than 12 people who are dead and more than 67 are injured—and still counting and retrieving as of now. The bombing took place on a Friday evening in Davao City night market located at Padre Gomez Street. The supposedly fun evening was ended on bloodshed due to a blast that was allegedly from a massage area.

    The 23 names of people were written on a whiteboard without any further detail or information regarding the victims except for the label, “Bombing” on the heading. The picture was posted on a Davao Online Businesses (Davao City Sale) group with a caption: “Hi, kindly spread this info. Basig kaila ninyo ang nasa list. Sorry admin if diri gi-post. Bombing victims list (Hi, kindly spread this info. Maybe you know some of the people in the list. Sorry admin if I posted it here. Bombing victims list).”

    It has been reported as well that an innocent baby was among the casualties of the explosion. The place has been deserted and the nearby school, Ateneo de Davao University declared a lockdown.
    In accordance to the list, the authorities have not yet released a statement denying or debunking the post nor do they have confirmed the alleged list. Reports and retrieval operations are still ongoing and the death toll has already risen from 12 to 14 as of now.  Also, Facebook had activated its Safety Check feature to be able to mark people if they are safe or not, people who you might be you or people whom you might know residing at Davao.

    Citizens are advised to remain vigilant and avoid crowded places as this could be a potential place for implanting the next bombing episodes. People are advised as well to remain indoors and anywhere safe place they could take temporary refuge.

Speculations regarding this bombing incident are about the people [druglords more likely and some corrupt government officials] who are against the rule and mandate of Pres. Duterte regarding the operations to end the drug-related crimes in the Philippines. Some say that this could be a form overturning the orders of the President to make the Philippines crime-free and elevate the security of the people.


Angel Funeral Homes

    Larida, Daniel
    Larida, Melanie Faith
    Adremesin, Jay
    Cagantas, Rogelio
    Basilisco, Mercy
    Mr. X (unidentified)
    Decolongon, Cristelle (Already ferried to Surallah)


    Merisido, Ruth
    Salvador, Reynaldo
    Biscocho, Eufemia
    Reyes, Christian Denver
    Sobrecary, Evelyn
    Ms. Y (unidentified)

Not yet in funeral home (for confirmation)
1. Person Z (unidentified)

List from Davao City Social Services and Development Office as of 10am of Sep. 3, 2016.


Brokenshire Hospital
1. Cartagenas, Rosa

Davao Doctors Hospital

    Lopez, Sherry
    Palima, Haemaccel
    Palima, Daryl
    Ang, Mary Jane
    Sobrecarey, Reyna Joy
    Saiyon, Perliza
    Fuerte, Marivic
    Ms. A

Limso Hospital

    Usman, Junaeb
    Jeukarnin, On

Palao Southern Philippines Medical Center

    Carayao, Jerome
    Magardino, Jay
    Bansil, Jeramil
    Bansil, Myrna
    Loreto, Joel
    Claro, Annie Lee
    Tagadaya, Princess
    Cayao, Samuel
    Cruz, Mary Grace
    Gallardo, Julino
    Biscocho, Eufemia
    Masucat, Wilfredo
    Salusugan, Joan Marie
    Tayao, Samuel
    Cruz, Mary Grace
    Malang, Raihana
    Rosal, Jenalyn
    Magandig, Joy
    Merioles, Gleen
    Kimberly (from Tibungco)
    Puton, Mylene
    Cape, Jean
    Sarong, Trisha
    Cruz, April Ann
    Lamban, Losario
    Larida, Dennis
    Tagadaya, Steven
    Esterno, Joel
    Manalo, Fatima
    Mr. B
    Kara, Angeline

Davao Medical School Foundation

    Egbus, Michael
    Rodriguez, Reezabeela
    Rodriguez, Camille

San Pedro Hospital

    Grecia, Anji Laura
    Tumampos, Jay
    Balili, Marieta
    Reyes, Joanna
    Torres, Donny
    Goc-ong, Brando
    Nacario, Erickson
    Cabaral, Glenn
    Campos, Errol
    Uy, Flordeliza
    Caniba, Jamil
    Esportono, Lilibeth
    Samonh, Dionane
    Artigos, Melvin
    Ampaso, Eldy
    Manan, Farusi
    Nacario, Emelita
    Tandang, Karen
    Bernales, Liezel
    Padernal, Antonio
    Merioles, Jasmin

Data from City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) as of 12 noon, Sept. 3, 2016.


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