Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chickser Member Ranz Kyle Showed His Double FLip Bottle Trick, But What His Sister Did After Shocked Him


Your siblings are the best best friends you can have because other than you’re related in blood, your siblings know you better than yourself since they grow up together with you. This video that you’re about to witness would make you relate especially when you have a little sister.

The facebook page of Chicser member Ranz Kyle shared this video that made the day of the netizens. In the video, Ranz demonstrated how to flip two bottles to his sister Niana. He was very excited upon knowing the exact calculation for the trick. With great excitement, he called his little sister Niana to witness the almost-impossible trick.

By the time Ranz successfully flip the bottles, Niana just gave an ‘okay’ look to his brother who was very proud of what he achieved. Later, Niana walked out and returned with a white monoblock chair with arm rest. Without any effort, she flipped the chair big enough for her size.
So, who did the flip trick better?

Just for some quick science behind the trick, the double flip bottle became possible through simple calculations. The weight of the bottle must not light enough to be flown away by the resistance. That’s why in the video, same height of liquid was poured in both bottles. The force and the angle of your hands when holding and flipping the bottle must also be the same.

As of this writing, this video has already reached a total of 9.5 million views.


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