Thursday, September 29, 2016

BF fOR HIRE : You Can Now Rent A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend in Facebook


Are you hopelessly romantic on finding “the one” that you wanted to share your sweet notings and your sweet mementos but you cannot seem to find that one person? While all your friends post pictures of their boyfriends together, and leave each other comments that would stir your inner jealousy that you wish you also have someone who would do the same to you? Worry no more! For your “forever” can now be hired on Facebook! Apparently, not only cars and taxis are open for being hired but also a boyfriend, and sometimes out of desperation for some people, this is their last resort to have a taste of life’s sweet slice of cake.

There’s a man on Facebook, from Thailand, who goes by the handle “Peerawit”, was revealed by a freelance work site called Coconuts Bangkok to whom this guy offers quite a not-so-ordinary service to its clients: You can hire him to be your boyfriend for a week! He also had a detailed job description on what he’s got in store for you: “You can hire me to be your boyfriend on Facebook for a week. During that time, we’ll change our relationship status. I will like your posts and pictures and go around leaving sweet comments that will leave your friends burning with jealousy.

You can request what it is you want me to write, as well as limit how many 'likes' you want,” he stated, written in Thai. Sounds like a way to ease the pain of loneliness and a recent heartbreak, huh? Well, he also said that he had “work hours” from which he can only be your boyfriend from 10AM-10PM as he mentioned that he also need his “beauty sleep”.

Seems like a very weird job to engaged on, but maybe there are people who is baited into such desperation and some would probably be just looking for some “fun”, that they hire this boyfriend. Apparently, not only does Grab-A-Cars or Grab-A-Taxi are the latest trend right now, but you can also have this “Grab-A-Boyfriend” kind of thing and no, no, no, please don’t grab your friend’s boyfriend.


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