Thursday, September 22, 2016

BEWARE Fake Rice Has Reached The Philippines


Fake rice has circulated the market especially in our neighbouring countries and reports say that the said rice has not penetrated our market yet but this video proved that fake rice has already reached the table of the Filipinos. Watch the video to find out.

Uploaded by Matteo Menesis, this video showing the properties and appearance of fake rice seem to have no difference with real rice. Fake rice look like an authentic rice when cook and somewhat smell like one.

Menesis found out that the rice that he bought from the market was a fake one after checking the rice a day after it was cooked. According to him, the rice was cooked a day before he took the video and was surprised that the alleged fake rice didn’t incur any smell and still looked fresh.

He then grabbed some amount onto his palm and squeezed it. Compared to authentic rice, fake rice didn’t stick on his palm. He introduced few drops of water to the rice and squeezed it again. Surprisingly, the rice formed into a sphere and by looking closely it turned into a Styrofoam.
It was believed that fake rice is manufactured in China. Chinese fake rice was reportedly being exported to Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Taking what Menesis told on the video, let’s be more vigilant and careful when purchasing items especially food.


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