Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful Lady Removes Her Jacket, Everyone Were All Shocked After This


A crazy, Asian TV show featured a really shocking stunt made by a woman onstage. The crown went wild and insane when the woman decided to remove all of her clothes! The audiences did not least expect that the woman will be removing all of it and showed off her rather shocking body.

Apparently, the show began with the woman standing onstage, draped with a black, velvet robe with her onstage partner asking for pieces of her clothes—starting from earrings and such. The crowd were jeering and laughing because the show was funny, but when the hot girl decided to remove her robe, the audiences’ jaws dropped upon the shocking revelation about how the woman’s body look like. Technically, at least, it was not the way they expected! The girl had a pretty face but looking down her body, she was all muscular—and no, not the sexy muscular kind-of-thing you’re possibly thinking—she was like a weight-lifter who could lift a lot of pounds enough to throw you right out of the window if she can. She looks like a sweet, Asian-Barbie-doll, with a body of the cartoon character, Johnny Bravo.

Instead of thinking that she possesses a gorgeous body as what her face seems like, the crowd went completely shocked. The girl went on and let the audience touch the biceps, and they were real! There has a same kind of situation with a Ukrainian woman who was really doll-like in the face, but her body is muscular and huge. We can therefore conclude that we cannot really judge a person by their face, or you’ll end up dropping your jaw on the floor! You don’t wanna end up with the dudes who thought the girl had a hot-arsed body, right? Girls always doesn’t seem like what guys ought to think of them. The girl was literally the, “she is beauty, she is grace, and she will punch you in the face!” kind of girl.


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