Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Badjao Girl , Rita Gaviola Answers Boy Abunda's Questions in Fast Talk


After being the latest evictee of Pinoy Big Brother, what comes next for Rita after being a teen housemate? Last September 6, Rita  Gaviola was invited to be a guest on Boy Abunda’s late night talk show, Tonight With Boy Abunda and from there, Rita was placed on the hotseat to face some questions regarding her personal life and her life as an ex-teen housemate of PBB. To get to know more of the famous ‘Badjao Girl’ who went viral in social media a couple of months in the past, Boy Abunda has prepared a few questions about her.

Needless to say that the girl had catapulted her way to stardom and popularity after her photo went viral when she was photographed by a freelance photographer, Topher Burgos, during the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. The innocent Badjao girl who possessed unusual beauty was seemingly unaware that a simple photograph would send her into great popularity—to which some people claim she has a cunningly resemblance to PBB Teen Housemate before, Ylona Garcia. Apparently, Boy Abunda asked Rita how this had changed her life. Rita humbly answered that she had no idea she would be an instant star because of that. That was one time she joined her family to go begging for alms in Pahiyas Festival since she had rarely time to go to the festivity since she had classes to attend on. And when her friends had told her she was already famous, she said she was even terrified about that fact, thinking that she might be hunted down by the police to be arrested [since she had mentioned that begging for alms is now prohibited], that’s why she is famous, but then it was not because of that. And it had greatly changed her life then on.

Jumping next to her life inside the PBB house, Tito Boy asked the issue regarding the “bullying” incident inside the house by the other housemates. Did she ever felt bullied or alienated inside? Her answer was she was not sure if it was bullying or that she just overreacted, though she further explained that she just felt ashamed or shy about the boys, playing around with her undergarment (bra strap) and that she did not take personally then on. Big Brother also advised for her not to be moody, shy, or oversensitive about some issues, and that she takes constructively as it was said to make her an even better person. She said she holds no grudge to the other housemates for having her evicted outside the house, but when ask who was her choice to be the big winner, she answered, “Si Ate Vivoree po.”

Rita plans to step into the show business and possibly acting and modelling. Though she doesn’t want to forsake her education, she said that she will juggle her time between being an artist/talent of ABS-CBN so that she will be able to help her parents and at the same time pursue her education and reach her dreams.


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