Sunday, September 4, 2016

Badjao Girl Evicted From PBB House , SALAMAT RITA GABIOLA


“Badjao Girl” Rita Gaviola made it on the scene once again after being evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house. The girl belonged to the list of nominated housemates along with Heaven Peralejo, Kristine Hammone, and Christian Morones.

    Rita ranked the lowest on the mentions poll on Twitter and lost the challenge given by Big Brother which is by stacking as much rubik’s cube as possible to build the highest tower they can on a platform within 10 minutes. Kristine and Christian tied on the first place by having to stack the highest rubik’s cube tower while Heaven was placed on the 2nd by having to stack 15 and earning the advantage of saving her life inside the house by topping the Twitter mentions poll by having the most number of mentions by fans and viewers alike. Rita was only able to stack 13 rubik’s cubes and the least number of mentions.

    The housemates were given a chance to choose their partners to help them on their sagip-buhay task. Rita was the last to choose and she chose Mai-Mai to help her. Having the hard time putting up the tower and choosing the most stable platform to build on, they have lost the chance to stack the most number of cubes within 10 minutes, which eventually caused Rita to be evicted from the PBB house.

    In addition to that, the Badjao Girl was nominated by the other housemates because of her apparent immaturity because of her very young age of 13, and that she lacked rapport and cooperation from the previous tasks given by Big Brother. Many have also complained of the petty, impulsive reactions of Rita throughout her stay inside the house.

    Rita Gaviola can be remembered to have made it into the scene before after her trending photos captured by a photographer on a festival on Lucban, Quezon because of her outstanding beauty despite her current condition. She can also be recalled by the incident inside the PBB house after the “underwear” issue which has been an alleged bullying and her behavior towards her co-housemate, Christian.


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