Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Allegedly Dies Because OF Hospital Staffs Negligence


Facebook has become a platform to netizens who want to share a piece of their life to the world but social media has also become the outlets of people who wanted to achieve justice on some instances that they fell victim, just like this one.

Jaycele Villasana Ecot went to Facebook to share the horrid experience of her loved ones in a public hospital in Quezon City. According to Jaycele, her nephew died because of the negligence of the hospitals staffs who attended to her sibling. The post didn’t tell more about the relation of Jaycele to the couple who went to the hospital but just shared the experience on facebook to achieve justice.
In her post, Jaycele shortly narrated how the mother of her nephew was treated in a public hospital. The mother was advised to go home on September 1, two days after she was admitted, because according to the attending doctor it was not yet her due date and asked to come back on September 6. The next day, they just decided to go to another public hospital but still the hospital personnel’s service didn’t improve. They still neglect the mother until she experienced chills. That was only time accoding to Jaycele that the staffs attended to the emergency.

The mother had undergone caesarean delivery but unfortunately the baby came out with a condition. Doctors said that the baby consumed feces inside her mother’s womb. Six days after, the baby died.
Due to the inacceptable death of the baby, Jaycele was asking for justice on social media and to Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista to give an action to the growing number of people who were not given proper attention in hospitals situated in Quezon City.


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