Monday, August 29, 2016

Yassi Pressman Vs Arci Munoz Dance Showdown . Who Do you Think Dances Better


After their recent guesting on GGV: Gandang Gabi Vice, Camp Sawi stars made a new trending video after they have posted on Instagram.

Arci Munoz vs Yassi Pressman dance

    Arci and Yassi went on a very funny dance showdown where they danced and wiggled their bodies sexily and comically exaggerated. Arci’s face was worth a thousand pictures trying to look hot actually! Yassi did as well as she waved her body like a slender worm.

    They had their showdown on ASAP Chill-out where Arci wore a black, leather corset top and shorts, layered with a denim blazer—her usual rockstar attire. Yassi wore otherwise; she wore a white cotton top and white shorts layered with a soft-fabric blazer. They danced as if they can’t dance very well that earned their places as laughingstocks among their co-stars and co-guests like Andi Eigenmann, Sam Milby and others. After they have did their showdown, they went off and Arci, said, “Si Bela rin po sasayawin din daw po!” and everyone went like, “Bella! Bella! Bella!” where once again, the good-girl Bella Padilla were put in the hotseat once again! She went red that she tried to put out the fire that was being put to her by the co-stars!

    Her co-stars tried to pull her out of her seat and join into the dance floor which she completely hesitated. The squad tried to pull her hard out of her seat but good-girl Bella won’t really budge!

    The video was uploaded by Olive Zarate on her Instagram account 5 days ago. The video immediately garnered an 87K viewers. Some even said that Yassi still nailed the dance move even if she did it quite exaggeratedly and some just did it with typing “HAHAHAHA” and said that the dance showdown was highly amusing.

    What you think? Who did the better job? Who danced better?

Showdown ni Arci at Yassi sa #ASAPChillout Kulit lang 😂😂😂#CampSawi

A video posted by Olive Zarate (@olivezarate) on


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