Monday, August 15, 2016

Yassi Pressman - Arci Munoz Admits Spending Money Over Ex Boyfriends. Watch Video To See Why


Three beautiful goddesses of the showbiz industry right now stood onstage with Vice Ganda on his midnight show, GGV: Gandang Gabi Vice and talked about their topsy-turvy and crazy adventures with their past relationships. Arci Muñoz, Yassi Pressman, and Bella Padilla shares their stories about how they’ve spent their money and efforts to their ex-boyfriends.

    Arci Muñoz and Yassi Pressman have probably the most craziest story to tell about their ex-boyfriends, but really, Arci can rank #1 on being the craziest. So here’s how her story goes; She told Vice about how much money and effort she had spent for her past love. Vice Ganda asked them: “So ‘pag magaganda, baliw din [sa pag-ibig]?” Arci answered firsthand that: “Oo naman, sobra. Tsaka happy naman eh! Ako nga nanliligaw! Ni-renovate ko pa yung kwarto eh. Nagpintura ako! Out of town sya, ako nagpipintura ng kwarto nya. Sabi ko sa driver, ‘Bilisan mo! Dadating na sya! Bilis’.”

    Well, not just that, she even added, “Bumili rin ako kama, carpet…TV!”. Yassi agreed to what Arci had enumerated along her long-list of craziness to which she said, “Ako rin, nag-renovate. Kasi di ba, para maayos tignan!”

    Arci even joked about, “Pang-tuition! Pati pang-tuition!” and she chuckled maniacally that’s why Vice asked, “Totoo?!” and Arci became hysterical, saying “Hinde hinde hinde hinde!!!”

    But to some up, Vice pointed out that they have all spent for a guy. Arci admitted that she had spent—a little, slight lang (Wow, Arci!). Yassi admitted that though she had not spent that much either (Another wow for you, Yassi!), she said that she drove from Antipolo to the South EVERDAY even if it’s already late like 2AM, quoting, “And kahit sya yung may driver, and sya pala yung lalaki, na-realize ko after.”

    Arci butted in by saying, “AKO NAGBABAYAD NG LOAN NG KOTSE!!!” Which she did not deny actually and so we claim it is true (Oh my, Arci).

    Apparently Bella is the only one who had less of the spending for the guy since she did not spend at all, only that they had a lot of bad days back then.

    To conclude, Vice said that no matter how beautiful you are as a woman, how well-known you are and admired by all, you would not mind spending and burning money for the one you love. Arci said, “Hindi mo maiisip yun eh. Nung time na yun, mas naiisip ko pa yung good nya, yung mas makakabuti sa kanya kesa sa akin.”

    So yes, in terms of spending for a guy especially if you’re a woman is a major norm deviation from the Filipino culture. People may call you a “milking cow” for having to spend money for a guy, or that it was a gay-thing to spend for your “papa”. The point is, eitherway, both people spends for the one they love. Technically, they don’t just take, take, take. Both spends for each other for some reason and at different time and situations. Spending for the one you love is not martyrdom, and it is not you being taken-for-granted. It is a typical behavior of people who just chose to love and show their love and care for their special someone.

    As for Yassi and Arci, some things just go in vain (since they are now exes with their exes), and what’s just more important is that they have had their own share of happiness back then.


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