Sunday, August 28, 2016

Woman Proposes Marriage To Boyfriend , She Gave Her Apartment and A new Motorcycle


    Gone were the old days of traditional proposals where the man would ask for the hand of his girl for marriage and the girls would just simply wait for an extravagant proposal from their man. Yes, while it is very sweet for a man to make an effort in asking the hand of girls for marriage, this Chinese woman defied the odds and asked for proposal instead—and not just with a ring, but with a motorbike and property deed!

    The woman set-up the man with arriving on the area wearing a fancy white dress while riding a Harley Davidson motorbike which she will give to her fiancĂ©, and not just that! She also brought with her a property deed! What a lucky man!

    The woman, like the traditional way of proposals, went down on one knee and asked for the hand of his man, where she held the property deed on her hands and awaited for him to say yes because she will have to write his name on the paper. Despite the astounded crowd watching this very unusual proposal done by the woman, she just continued with her act because she said that she have finally met her one true love.

    She further said that instead of waiting for his boyfriend to come up with a proposal, she did the first move because she said that she have already met “the one” and it is not only guys that should do the proposal but girls should also do. After all, it’s not a man-thing to do, anyone can do their proposal regardless of gender anyway!

    She also came up with such a proposal wherein he could never say no. She said also that she had finally earned enough for her to buy his boyfriend a million-dollar motorbike he always wanted, and along with that the property deed they have always wanted. She was also the one to give a bouquet of flowers to her man! What a girl!

    The astounded man, lost for words, nodded his head and sealed the proposal with a kiss. The couple posed for their picture-perfect moment after.

    “Time is not an issue; Live life to the fullest,” she said and that is exactly what she did. The expensive cost of wedding ceremony is the reason why some Chinese men grew old as bachelors and that they have a very hard time finding a spouse because of their culture and tradition. But as for this couple, it was definitely the other way around!


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