Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WATCH : All Girls Rock Band "ROUGUE " Impressed Judges With their Amazing Performance. Robin Padilla Gave them A standing Ovation.


An all-girls rock band steps on the PGT stage and sets the stage on fire by performing the song “Zombie” by The Cranberries. The band wowed the crowd on their performance and even the judges were mesmerized by them, especially the known showbiz badboy of the Philippine action films, Robin Padilla.

robin padilla reacts on pgt all girls rock band rougue

    The girls, namely Kara, Princess, Jeri and Gyan, call their band, “Rogue”, to which their main advocacy is that women can also be a rock band and can perform rock songs as they please. At first, we honestly thought the girls would be just another dance group who’d perform s3xy dances because they wore pink peplum tops and shorts, so we presumed that they would until they said that they would perform as a band. They were all four in the band: the bassist and the rhythm guitarist were both singing the vocals; then they have a violinist and a drummer. The girls really mesmerized the audience at some point where they really had them captivated and rocking their hearts out.

    However, we couldn’t agree more to the netizens that have been commenting about the mediocrity of the performance. While it is indeed unique that they were four girls in the band, playing the instruments and singing the vocals altogether, viewers said there is nothing really special about the performance itself—which Vice Ganda, one of the judges of the competition mentioned that their performance is, “Sakto lang,” while other judges flutter their sugarcoated comments towards the band.

    In addition to that, viewers and netizens did not find the song appealing when they performed it and made their own version. They have stated that the judges’ jurisdication was unjustifiable because all they did was compliment their looks and not the overall performance, which earned them their ticket towards qualifying in the competition.

    Netizens also included that the vocalist kind of failed on giving the song justice since the lyrics are all quite wrong and the violinist was kind of overacting on her performance. Anyone can rock out on the song by The Cranberries, but the band lacked on giving it justice that’s why the crowd and their overall appeal greatly affected the totality of their performance. And yes, it is quite mediocre.

The viewers kept on pointing how the judgment system of PGT (Pilipinas Got Talent) sucked at this point. They said that instead of putting their judgment and comments on the performance, they focused on the performer’s physical appearances and not the talents itself. If that’s the case then, they should put a name change on their show. Yes they have the talent and skills, but the band needs improvement and enough knowledge and passion on rock music. However, it is a general fact now in the music industry that if they don’t have the looks but have the talent, they shall be overshadowed by “artists” who has better physical advantage even if their music really suck.

However, Vice Ganda made a sensible opinion about the performance but still, he gave away his yes though all thinks that the “yes” was forcibly given because he just have to.


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