Wednesday, August 24, 2016

VIRAL VIDEO : Rare Pokemon Causes Near STAMPEDE in Taiwan .


In Taiwan, thousands of people rushed in traffic just to capture a rare pokemon which almost caused stampede in the area. Watch the short footage in the following video.

The augmented-reality game Pokemon Go has hooked a lot of people worldwide to the point that it became a great part of their lives. Just in Facebook, many Pokemon Go players proved that the game is addictive by posting the list of many Pokemons they captured along with their respective levels.
Since the game required its players to be active on hunting Pokemons using their smartphones, sometimes, the safety of players is at risk. Speaking of which, this video which was filmed in Taiwan the hunting of Pokemon has reached the next level that almost caused an accident.

According to news, thousands of people flocked in Beitou Park in the Xinbeitou district in Taipei on Sunday just to catch Snorlax, a very rare Pokemon that is known for its cuddly and sleepy trait and in the video posted by a by-stander, it can be seen the huge sea of people passing the intersection as if it’s like a life and death situation after the pedestrian light turned green. Luckily, despite the chaos, there were no reports of any accident.

It was reported that Beitou Park has become the favourite spot of Pokemon Go players since it houses a lot of rare Pokemons. Snorlax is just one of those.


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