Tuesday, August 2, 2016

VIRAL: Rufa Mae Quinto is Now Pregnant


    Sexy comedienne  Rufa Mae Quinto is pregnant and glowing! It was announce on an Instagram post by Grace Lee, Rufa Mae’s best friend.

Lee says on the post’s description: “Nothing is better on this rainy afternoon than pigging out with this glowing pregnant lady. 3 cups of rice for us two.”

Rufa Mae Quinto has been out of the limelight to focus on his personal life, and it was reportedly last year that she had a complication on the breast due to too much silicone injections for breast implants.

The Rufa Mae Quinto now is glowing and looks pretty much healthier than ever, most especially that there is life already growing in her womb with his fiancé, Trevor Magallanes. The two have already planned to tie the knot this upcoming November.

However, there is no further details on the said Instagram post on how many weeks or months is Rufa Mae’s baby inside her tummy.

source: Pep.ph

To know more about the star’s pregnancy, stay tuned for more further updates and details!


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