Monday, August 22, 2016

VIRAL : Real Life Dragon Found Lifeless. Watch This Never-Before-Seen video


Most people consider the existence of dragons as myth along with mermaids and other bizarre creatures but how will you explain this footage? Watch the viral footage of a dragon seen lying on the ground with a trace of life.

video of a dead dragon

Facebook user Riska Hamdayanti posted a never-before-seen video of a dead dragon which now garnered more than 340K views and counting. In the footage, it can be seen that the dragon has no life but wasn’t stiff to be proclaimed long dead. Similar to what we see in the movies, this dragon has huge claws, a long tail, and wings and is covered with scales. Its mouth was widely opened signalling that it was catching its breath before it died.

Unfortunately, the authenticity of this video wasn’t verified by the uploader. She didn’t post any details as to where the dragon was found and what happened next after it was discovered which made some of the netizens to raise their brows about it.

It might just be a film set, if you ask our opinion. Yet, we’re not dimming any possibility that the video is real. What’s your stand about it? Do you believe that this one is a real life dragon?
Scientifically speaking, few dragon remains were found by scientists but these remains or fossils didn’t resemble the dragons that we used to perceive. They actually resembled the dinosaur’s way back million years ago. The recent discovery was found in Wales in South Britain.


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