Friday, August 12, 2016



Some say that playing DOTA or other e-sports are just a waste of time, money and effort—it even can distract you on achieving your dreams that are destined for you—but heck! This Pinoy DOTA 2 teams bags a trophy and a winning pot money of 500,000…DOLLARS!

Filipino became a instant Millioanire because of DOTA

    TNC Pro Team, have they mastered the game well enough, reaped them six-digit-dividends, sweeping victories away from OG favorites in tournaments. This has been their biggest victory yet to date, moving now into Seattle advancing to the Final 8.

    They said on their team page, ““Day 2 of The International 2016 may have been the most memorable day so far not just for Filipinos but for the rest of Southeast Asia as well.”

    Having been achieved something so high and prestigious in e-sports, TNC had themselves guaranteed a paycheck of a hefty $500,000 and taking home for sure $300,000 from it—YES. TAKE HOME MONEY!

    The team, composed of Jimmy “DeMon” Ho, Marc “Raven” Fausto, Carlo “Kuku” Palad, Sam “Sam_H” Hidalgo, Nico “Eyyou” Barcelon, had their victory a lot more sweeter since they have defeated the Philippines’ greatest DOTA gamers like the Frankfurt and Manila Majors.

    The team had also ousted Chinese team, VG.R to be able to make it into the elimination round to which they have defeated OG. TNC had their hopes up high on becoming this year’s winners on DOTA 2 tournament, being somewhat their team’s rise into the community.

    The TNC team stated: “TNC made history being the first Filipino team to enter the top 8 of The International 2016. Not to mention the biggest upset in the history of Dota 2. Beating the number 1 team and back to back Major Champions OG with a 2-0 finish. TNC had certainly made their statement in the international Dota 2 community. Let’s hope that their momentum will carry them onto being the champions of this year’s The International.”

    The champions will apparently compete for a pool prize of 20 million dollars and will take home more or less $8 million after winning the competition.

    Now, to all the gamers out there and gamers at heart, TNC served a great inspiration for all of us: NEVER LET ANYONE DISCOURAGE YOU FOR WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Not because it’s not their thing, doesn’t mean they should stop you for doing it—especially those who we have a generation gap with. However, let’s always take in consideration our priorities and always play in moderation. Kudos to TNC!


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