Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VIRAL : Liza Soberano Joins the PAK GANERN Challenge


The popularity of the “Pak Ganern” challenge has now reached the set of “Dolce Amore” with Liza Soberano as the latest celebrity who fell for this latest trend.

pak ganern video of liza soberano

Viral Pak ganern video of Liza Soberano

Few weeks ago, “Pak Ganern” was just an expression that may rooted from the Filipino gay community. Now, the new expression was levelled up into a game slash choreography. Many celebrities have rode the craze such as the 24 Oras reporters and latest is ABS-CBN’s budding actress Liza Soberano.

The “Pak Ganern” game has come with different choreographies depending on the players’ appetite but Liza Soberano took the simplest step for the sake of her opponent and “Dolce Amore” co-star Boom Labrusca who was still learning the steps.

Of course, The “Pak Ganern” veteran player Liza Soberano won the battle against the newly hooked Boom Labrusca. She defeated him on the fifth round where the actor wasn’t been able to catch up with the fast counting. Well, at first he didn’t accepted his lost and asked their director who committed the mistake but Liza insisted that she was right and that is where the video ended.
The video was uploaded few hours ago and has now reached hundreds of views.

The “Pak Ganern” challenge was inspired by the game “Nanay, Tatay” in which the players need to catch up to the fast counting or else you’ll be out of the game and face the consequence depending on what was agreed by the group.


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