Tuesday, August 2, 2016



To those who hoped and keep on hoping, this impromptu song performed by Yeng Constantino is for you. Hit the play button and relate to the lyrics of this song.

Ang hirap pala maging tanga by Yeng

Almost all of us have experienced the most painful kind of love – unrequited love. Some are already satisfied with one-sided love as long as they’re with the one they love while some were awakened by the reality that unrequited love won’t actually work in the long run because at the end you will always find yourself in the same position – giving your best effort but get nothing in return.

 This song entitled T.A.N.G.A sang by Yeng Constantino in impromptu are dedicated to those who are hoping to be with someone whom they can’t be theirs. The lyrics of the song were inspired by the modern type of falling from a false hope.

Let’s admit it because the song actually talks about us, there were times that we post status and tweets about a certain person hoping that he or she would read it but when that person asks you who is the person that you’re talking about in your post, you will suddenly freeze and try to hold back and just tell that person that you’re pertaining to someone else.

Since T.A.N.G.A is a song for everyone, many of Yeng’s audience reacted to each and every lyric that she thought by yelling signalling that they’ve been there.

Have you been a T.A.N.G.A or know someone like it? Make the day of that person by sharing this post to that person or better yet to your timeline.


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