Tuesday, August 2, 2016



The fame of the “Trumphets” dance challenge isn’t over yet because we haven’t seen our favourite actress to be part of the craze yet. Yes, you guessed it right; the latest celebrity who rode the “Trumpets” dance challenge is none other than Bea Alonzo.

trumpet dance video by Bea Alonzo

On Thursday, Bea Alonzo granted the request of her fans during the Kapamilya chat to show her groove in the tune of Sak Noel’s “Trumpets”. At first, the Kapamilya actress was quite hesitant to dance but thanks to her supportive love team Gerald Anderson and a little sip from her Starbucks coffee, Bea Alonzo was able to show-off her groove even for just a couple of seconds.

Although Bea wasn’t informed that she would dance during the Kapamilya chat, the actress still managed to maintain her poise and glam. Not to mention, she was wearing a long tight denim skirt at that time.

We described her version cute because we certainly find it cute. She didn’t follow the traditional seductive choreography but just twisted her waist like dancing the “Spaghetti Pababa” song. Of Course it was not only us thinking that Bea’s “Trumpets” dance challenge is cute, the netizen who got the top comment also found it cute and also described it “parang bibo hotdog lang”.

Moreover, her love team, ex and now good friend Gerald Anderson teased that the ‘sample’was too short but got defeated when Bea called him back to continue the show

source: boompanot: bea trumpet dance.
As of this writing, this video has reached more than 14K views.


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