Sunday, August 14, 2016



Heavy rain showers is being experienced in Manila and other parts of the Philippines being brought forth by the southwest monsoon these past few days which apparently, caused a very unusual and unexpected phenomena that is rarely spotted in this tropical country: a tornado—a massive tornado.

tornado in manila

    Video footages where uploaded on social media showing the immense formation of violent winds around the Port Area Manila which then swirled into a whirlwind of clouds and lightning as it destroys everything in its path.

    The video was a courtesy of Joemarie Bacos, a concerned citizen, which was shared by the Philippine Star’s Facebook page. It can be seen on the video that the tornado was not very much far away from the residential areas, and it accumulated much strong winds and thunderstorms that it carried all the way through its path, sending debris and seemingly container vans flying around on a spiral motion. It went straight all the way to the part of Manila which are heavily congested with skyscrapers and tall buildings.

    The motion of the tornado is very swift, bringing destruction to things it passed by. It grew bigger and bigger as it reached through the central parts of Manila, as seen by the video. Thankfully, the tornado did not headed to the path where Bacos was actually recording the footage, as it could possibly bring a lot of casualties since there are a lot people other than him that has been watching the movement of the tornado.

    The tornado, according to Rappler, hits the Fort Santiago along Intramuros, and leaves 1 person injured and about a hundred of houses were destroyed. The information was disseminated by Manila Disaster Management Chief, Johnny Yu. Apparently, there was no reports yet of any casualty left by the “ipu-ipo” aside from the one that has been injured. It went straight towards the residential areas along Intramuros after it finally dissolved.


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