Tuesday, August 2, 2016



   Jessy Mendiola, after topping the chart of F H M’s S3xi3st Women in the Philippines, responds to bashers on social media who kept on pointing out her “attitude” and how she doesn’t deserve the title during the F H M Victory Party.

Jessy Mendiola f h m Victory party

    Jessy has been bashed by netizens after knowing that she has won the title, they kept pointing out that the woman doesn’t deserve the title to be called “s3xy” because of her fat thighs and seemingly chubby and voluptuous body frame. Bashers kept pointing out that Jessy is not s3xy, is fat, is chubby, and has “changed her attitude” after winning the said title. In addition to that, they even called Jessy to be a fraud and “umaanggulo lang” on her pics showing that she has indeed a very sizzling hot and s3xy body. The fire was fueled even more when she jokingly said (like obviously!) that “Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach…”. Bashers pointed out Jessy’s nerve to say that she can outshine Pia Wurtzbach well in fact, according to some bashers, she’s just a dirt on the nails of Ms. Universe 2015.

    Obviously been affected by the hurtful comments she had received from both haters and bashers alike, Jessy finally responded to all of them on a short interview on ABS-CBN’s Facebook page, HOTSPOT:

    “Why do people hate…others…who is just so thoughtful about themselves? Sa panahon ngayon, instead of us, you know, women, helping each other to stand up and be strong, tayo pa yung pag nakita natin yung flaw nya, ingungudngod pa natin, ididiin pa natin. Instead of, hey, it’s okay, to have this, to feel pretty or to feel confident [about yourself].”

    Which is true. Why the hate, people anyway? If people are so butthurt about her, winning the title of being the s3xiest, why waste time bashing the person when it won’t change anything about the ranking?

    One thing that social media has successfully brought forth is bringing out the stupidity in people. People demand respect and to be respected but they, themselves, do not know how. Even celebrities and TV artists need to be respected. Taking Jessy’s response to her haters, people love so much to point out other’s flaws and mistakes when they don’t even bother to look at themselves in front of the mirror. People saying that Jessy is fat or not pretty and s3xy enough and whatnot and kept on pointing out that Philippines has been “highly westernized”, well in fact yes—but not to the fact that Philippines is being highly liberated and such—it is that we often impose the “westernized” standard of being s3xy and beautiful: ultra-thin body, super slender arms and thighs, etc. and being fat and voluptuous is ugly or unattractive.

    Jessy carried herself well atop her haters and bashers. Yes, Jessy is not that s3xy based on “your standards”, but as she have quoted on the F H M Victory Party, “Be confidently s3xy with a heart.” It’s not of being boastful but she just expressed what she really think about. So, for the bashers, the next time you’ll point your fingers to someone, point that finger in the mirror.

    Haters gonna hate after all


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