Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VIDEO : Balut Vendor Turned Beauty Queen


    Meet the 19-year-old Balut (fertilized duck egg) vendor-turned-beauty queen, Dimples. The lady achieved her dreams because of this exotic delicacy.

    According to Dimples, who was a contestant on Willie Revillame’s segment/show in GMA, Wowowin, vending  balut eggs served as her pathway to be a beauty queen.

balut vendor turned beauty queen

    She tells Willie that she was discovered because of selling these eggs into the streets at night and for that she became a beauty queen and a freelance model. She also narrated that she was often teased by her peers and classmates in school, calling her “BALOT, BALOT, BALOT!” which she would often cry on her mother’s arms, which often tells Dimples not to cry because selling balut eggs is a decent job, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Dimples also told Willie that their eggs were often sold out because of the admirers of her beauty. They also earned their own place so that they would not be selling their items on the streets at night anymore.

    But now, this beautiful young lady is now being associated to be look-alikes with s3xy star, Lovi Poe. Well, in our opinion, she is as beautiful as Lovi but she has this own charming personality aura that captivates her audiences and makes her a cut above the rest. The girl has a potential on being a model and a star, we hope that she earns a talent contract as well or if not, we really wish for her to achieve her dreams furthermore into the future!


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